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EAW-235810(EXP. 09/30/2017)

Short Dated: VividTrac Video Laryngoscope, Adult

EXP. 09/30/2017

Vivid MedicalVividTrac Video Laryngoscope, Adult

Short Dated: VividTrac Video Laryngoscope, Adult

EXP. 09/30/2017

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Item #: EAW-235810(EXP. 09/30/2017)

Brand: Vivid Medical

Mfg Part #: VT-A100

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Introducing the VividTrac Single-Use Video Laryngoscope!


No Cleaning, Maintenance or Battery Required!


VividTrac provides an unmatched image quality to support proper and speedy placement of the ET tube, leading to high intubation success rate in the first attempt. VividTrac has an integrated ET tube channel providing easy means for the preloaded ET tube advancement into the oral cavity and trachea, under continuous visualization, and without the need of a separate Stylet.


VividTrac has been shown to perform flawlessly under concurrent chest compression, in moving vehicles, as well as with successful suctioning of the airway by the same person performing the intubation. All these attributes and the unique “no force” technique used with the VividTrac (which is well tolerated even in awake patients) make the VividTrac one of the safest devices on the market today.


VividTrac’s USB based “open system” architecture allows it to be compatible with a wide variety of display options (low cost tablets), eliminating the need to purchase or maintain high-cost proprietary equipment. See below for software downloads.



  • Stainless Steel Blade (will not break)
  • Integrated ET Tube Channel for Guiding
  • ETT Sizes 6.0mm to 8.5mm (Adult)
  • ETT Sizes 4.0mm to 6.0mm (Pedi)
  • Integrated standard USB cord (3ft)


  • Superior Imaging
  • Portable and Low Cost
  • No Cleaning or Maintenance
  • No Stylet Required
  • No Neck Hyperextension
  • No Battery
  • Built in Anti-Fogging





VividVision WIN 8 is specifically designed to work on Microsoft's Windows 8 touch screen tablets and laptops in support of Vivid Medical's USB based medical vision devices (i.e. VividTrac). Click HERE for Windows 8 software.


Vivid Medical provides a complementary video application software (VividVision) for testing VividTrac on Windows 7 computers. Click HERE for Windows 7 software.


Vivid Medical has released VividVision for Android for testing VividTrac on specific Android tablets and cell phones. After startup of the application, VividVision has the capability to auto-detect the VividTrac device upon plug-in and display the video image automatically. VividVision supports video recording and also has the ability to save a snapshot image on the computer. Click HERE to download it at the Google Play.


Item #EAW-235810(EXP. 09/30/2017)
Mfg Part #VT-A100
BrandVivid Medical

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