S-SCORT® TEN Portable Suction UnitA Virtually Indestructible Aspirator with a Two-Position Regulator
A Virtually Indestructible Aspirator with a Two-Position Regulator. The S-SCORT® TEN Portable Suction Unit  is the embodiment of durability. Its linear polyethylene rotational molded exterior is virtually indestructible. Whenever the TEN is put on charge, vehicle power activates the  charger in the device. The battery ...
SSCORS-SCORT TEN Portable Suction
S-SCORT TEN Portable Suction
S-SCORT TEN Portable Suction (2)
S-SCORT TEN Portable SuctionS-SCORT TEN Portable Suction (2)


S-SCORT® TEN Portable Suction Unit

A Virtually Indestructible Aspirator with a Two-Position Regulator

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A Virtually Indestructible Aspirator with a Two-Position Regulator.

The S-SCORT® TEN Portable Suction Unit is the embodiment of durability. Its linear polyethylene rotational molded exterior is virtually indestructible.

Whenever the TEN is put on charge, vehicle power activates the  charger in the device. The battery is returned to full charge and held at that level while the indicator lights communicate the battery condition. 

The TEN is powerful and can be adjusted between full power and a lower level of vacuum for tracheal and pediatric procedures.

Like all SSCOR aspirators the TEN combines the reliability of sealed lead acid batteries with the durability and power of an OIL-LESS diaphragm pump. Deep discharge is the biggest enemy a sealed lead acid battery has; and S-SCORT TEN has a unique system that protects against destructive deep discharge by disconnecting the battery when it will no longer run the pump, avoiding deep discharge.

S-SCORT TEN is easy to clean. The water resistant exterior is expressly suited for the pre-hospital health care environment. The case resists stains and sheds fluids so effectively that it can be cleaned with a hose and scrub brush. It is absolutely "Firefighter-proof" tough.

Indicator lights tell you when the pump is running, when the unit is on charge, when the battery is low, and when the battery is fully charged to available capacity. A tubing retention strap holds tubing and suction tip. All units come with a shoulder strap. A shoulder strap with a supply storage bag is an option.

Charging/Retention Shelf for S-SCORT TEN Portable Suction

The charging/retention shelf joins with the S-SCORT TEN aspirator to create an aspirator charging system for your vehicle. The shelf holds the TEN firmly in place to a force of 25G. It also automatically charges the TEN when properly wired to the vehicle electrical system. The indicator lights tell you when the TEN if fully charged.

The S-SCORT TEN can be ordered with or without the charging/retention shelf. You can also order the charging/retention shelf separately at a later date should your circumstances require.


  • Extremely durable linear polyethylene rotational molded chassis
  • Powerful, but adjustable to vacuum levels appropriate for tracheal and pediatric procedures
  • Reliable and cost effective sealed lead acid battery
  • Powerful and durable oil-less diaphragm pump
  • Internal PC board controls incoming current to maintain battery at optimal levels
  • Internal PC board also disconnects battery before destructive deep discharge occurs
  • The S-SCORT TEN utilizes vehicle power or an AC/DC converter to charge the internal sealed lead acid battery
  • Easy to clean exterior can even be hosed down
  • Tubing strap for supplies
  • The optional charging/retention shelf automatically creates contact between the TEN and the vehicle electrical system and utilizes vehicle power to charge the TEN
  • Holds the aspirator in place to a force of 25G


  • Performance: > 30 lpm clinical airflow, > 525 mmHg
  • Charger: Internal Dual Mode
  • Battery Run Time: Up to 45 minutes (+/- 10%) when fully charged at full capacity
  • Dimensions: 9.5"H x 7"W x 14"L (24.1cmH x 17.8cmW x 35.6cmL)
  • Weight: 10 lbs. (4.55 Kgs.)
  • Power Source: Vehicle or Internal Battery
  • Two Position Regulator: 120 mmHg (+/-15%) or > 525mmHg
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Batteries and disposable items including collection canisters, patient tubing and catheters are excluded from this warranty.

The S-SCORT TEN Chassis Warranty
The Rotomolded chassis of the S-SCORT TEN series is unconditionally warranted for the life of the device to the original purchaser.

Battery Replacement Policy
SSCOR Inc. will replace the battery in any S-SCORT TEN with charging/retention shelf which fails to operate the pump to published specifications during the 1st three years after manufacture date.

Whats Included

EAW-2289 Includes: DC Cable, AC/DC Converter, canister, 2m patient tube, HI-D® suction tip and Quickstart Guide