PRO EVAC Manual Stair Chair

Exceptional Quality at a Budget Friendly Price.

PRO ELITE 650 Manual Stretcher

Feature Rich Stretcher Designed to Meet the Needs of EMS.

Boasting a 500lb Weight Capacity!

The PRO EVAC Manual Stair Chair, exclusively available for sale to EMS and Fire Departments through QuadMed®, incorporates the best features of several different stair chair devices into one easy to use design. The Easy Glide Track System distributes weight easily so the patient goes down the stairs smoothly without bumping or jerking.

Boasting a 650lb Weight Capacity!

The PRO 650 ELITE Stretcher is fully equipped and comes standard with a telescoping IV pole, a removable document holder/net under headrest area, and an oxygen tank holder. It also includes straps, shoulder harness, 4 inch comfort mattress, and vehicle/ambulance side arm style locking device that is standard in most emergency vehicles in the U.S. Made specifically for EMS/Paramedic stretcher transport.