Introducing the Lifeline ARM from Defibtech!

Automated Chest Compression (ACC) for Professionals

The Lifeline ARM from Defibtech is an Automated Chest Compression (ACC) device that is programmed to preform two different cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) protocols on a patient. The Lifeline ARM has a simple user interface which only requires the rescuer to select which CPR protocol to engage and adjust the compression piston to the needs of the patient. This device provides high quality CPR while remaining compliant with the very precise AHA/ERC guidelines. 


The Lifeline ARM offers an efficient option that can be used to administer CPR in place of a rescuer. Not only does the Lifeline ARM ensure that the consistency and depth of the administered chest compressions comply with current AHA/ERC guidelines, but it also allows the rescuer on site to engage in other tasks to optimize patient stabilization. Additionally, the Lifeline ARM provides rescuers with the flexibility they need in emergency situations. This device is suitable for use on a variety of adult patient sizes, ranging from chest hight between 6.5 -11.8 inches and a maximum chest width of 18 inches. (Use of the RMU-1000 is not restricted by patient weight.)

Be it on the ground, in an ambulance cot, or at the hospital, the Lifeline ARM is your solution for uninterrupted CPR.

Any lifesaving technique is going to require a high level of excellence in its delivery during an emergency intervention.  Such is the case with CPR, where the quality and speed of each and every compression is critical to a successful clinical outcome.

According to AHA/ERC guidelines, CPR requires rescuers to maintain a rate of 100 compressions per minute at a depth of 2 inches/5 cm. Such exactness is very difficult to maintain whe fatigue can begin in as little as 1 - 2 minutes, which impacts the effectiveness and quality of the CPR being administered. Frequent interruptions, leaning, inadequate compression depths, and rates that are too fast or slow can impact a victim's chances for survival. While maintaining all of the critical factors of CPR can be very difficult manually, the Lifeline ARM offers a high quality, trustworthy solution to eliminate the interruptions that occur during manual CPR. 
The ARM helps ensure the high-quality and continuous CPR associated with better survival for cardiac arrest patients.  Automated CPR also frees the rescuer for other interventions and tasks, and can be used while in a moving vehicle.  The ARM has benefits for patients and the professional responders from many disciplines called to rescue them.

  • EMTs / EMS
  • Ambulances
  • Firefighters / Fire & Rescue
  • Medical Professionals
  • Emergency Department
  • First Responders
  • Transport (ground, e.g., ambulance, intra-hospital, elevator)