Introducing the AMBUstat from EP&R!

The Environmentally Safe Surface Decontamination System

The AMBUstat Surface Decontamination System was carefully designed to combat millions of infectious microorganisms in the pre-hospital healthcare environment. AMBUstat’s Actril Cold Sterilants have been clinically tested and proven effective against the AOAC spore test organism, Bacillus subtilis, which has the highest resistance to death.


The AMBUstat Surface Decontamination System’s simplistic design is very low maintenance, lightweight, and requires minimal training. In addition, the Actril Cold Sterilant offers residue-free decontamination! AMBUstat’s Actril formula was ranked as an EPA high level disinfectant containing 850 ppm of Peracetic Acid, and is compatible with all non-porous surfaces. The formula is also eco-friendly as it does not produce toxic aldehyde vapors; it is non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, and biodegradable as well.

In the healthcare environment, infections microorganisms are inevitable. AMBUstat is the perfect solution to reduce patient risk and vulnerability to harmful microbes.


The AMBUstat has an effective rate of 99.99% against some of the toughest known bacteria thus far, making this product extremely valuable in the healthcare industry. The estimated cost per treatment with the AMBUstat is $14.04, versus the competitors estimated cost per treatment of $57.69. The estimated savings when using AMBUstat instead of competing products over the course of 5 years is $12,000!

The AMBUstat is a quick and easy solution to decontaminate a wide range of surfaces without breaking the bank. In addition, the approximate disinfectant time for the AMBUstat is a mere 40 minutes! The short decontamination time ensures that valued assets are out of commission for the least amount of time possible, while maintaining 99.99% efficacy. This is not only beneficial for the safety of patients, but for a multitude of professional responders called upon in emergency situations as well.

The AMBUstat is perfect for any services looking to decontaminate or disinfect small spaces in which pathogens may be present. This system is perfect for, but not limited to:

  • EMTs / EMS
  • Ambulances
  • Fire Rescue / Firefighters
  • Medical Professionals
  • Emergency Department
  • First Responders
  • Transport (ground, ambulance, e.g., elevator, intra-hospital, etc.)